Friday, 5 July 2013

Building a Sandpit

During the course of the #DigBromsgrove excavation, we'll have around 500 school pupils coming to visit the site. We like to to give people the opportunity to get a really good experience of the way archaeology works, so, although we can't have all 500 pupils excavating on site, we have the next best thing for them to try their hand at: an archaeological sandpit, filled with interesting features and artefacts (and, of course, sand)!

So, Project Officer Richard Bradley and archaeologists Ruth Humphreys and Rob Hedge spent today building a sandpit. We resisted the temptation to take advantage of the heatwave by adding water and holding a beach party, and here are some pictures of the results. I can safely say that none of us will be looking to swap archaeology for bricklaying, but it was good fun!

Rob's Sandpit: a blank canvas!

Ruth building a feature

Richard, using a trowel for an unfamiliar purpose!

The finished article! Now to fill it with 3 tons of sand...
 We'll be opening to the public on Tuesday, when our first wave of eager volunteers arrives to take up the challenge of excavating the site. Our exhibition, with more information on the project and about historic Bromsgrove, also opens on Tuesday. Pop along and see us at 87a, High Street, Bromsgrove.

Rob Hedge.

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